Thursday, July 26, 2012

תהום tĕhowm: [n] "the deep; primeval ocean; abyss"

This week, while preparing a sermon for Mark 6.45-56 in which our Lord walks on the water of the sea in a wind storm, I came across this quote, which struck me as a timely reminder:

"[Columbus's] sailors imagined all manner of sea creatures and sundry monsters of mythic proportions.  They fathomed horrors out of the deep recesses of their own souls - where indeed the fiercest horrors do dwell."

- George Grant, The Christian Almanac for August 3rd

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Elwyn!

Today is the birthday of the great writer, E.B. White.  It was he who wrote Elements of Style with William Strunk Jr.  But he taught most of us to love language as a gift from God [not just ... say ... a highly-evolved form of grunting] in the pen with a radiant Wilbur and in a 76-cent genuine indian birch bark canoe, searching for Margalo.

I have a list of five books that I want my children to have had so much exposure to they can quote lengthy passages from memory:

Charlotte's Web
Stuart Little
True Grit
The Princess Bride
The Chronicles of Narnia
[okay, that was cheating ... there are actually seven in that series, but, what are ya gonna do?]