Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The King in the Cattle Trough

The true Christian religion is incarnational and thus does not begin at the top, as all other religions do; it begins at the bottom.  You must run directly to the manger and the mother's womb, embrace the Infant and Virgin's Child in your arms and look at Him.

- Luther

Monday, December 16, 2013

Now Joseph was a Just Man ...

"Who is the model that Jesus followed as a young man?  His name is Joseph.  Joseph is the example that Jesus had in His early life.  Where do you think Jesus learned to lay down His life for His Bride, which is the Church?  Where do you think Jesus learned to love His Bride even when things did not seem to go the way they ought to go?  Where did Jesus learn to be humble and compassionate?  Where did Jesus learn to be a righteous husband?  He learned that from His earthly father, Joseph.  And so we learn this lesson:
Parents who imitate Joseph's righteousness are more likely to have children who imitate Joseph's Son."

- Pastor Uri Brito