Tuesday, August 18, 2009

25 Essential Skills for Men

So far, here is my list of 25 essential skills for men -

drive a vehicle w/ a stick shift
unclog a toilet/sink drain
change his own oil/filter
tie a neck tie
throw a punch
use jumper cables
throw - a football [tight spiral ]/baseball [overhand ... and not like a girl]
hammer a nail
change a flat tire to a spare
perform CPR
parallel park
safely handle/shoot/clean and maintain a gun
convert a standing tree into a pile of firewood
convert a living farm/game animal into a meal [from kill to grill]
set up a tent
assemble furniture using picture-only directions
build a shed
list [and follow] at least 20 rules of courtesy/gentleman's etiquette
sharpen a blade
build a fire
read/navigate w/ a map
fix a dead outlet
offer a short speech/toast

Well - what's missing?
Please comment or email with your input.
Next up: 25 essential 'spiritual' skills for Christian men.

1 comment:

Jharlan said...

I take umbrage at the "cook meat on the grill" but it's your list!

In no order:
20 consecutive push-ups
carry wife "over the threshold" [w/o knocking her head]
Control one's intake of strong chemicals [alchohol & other depending on country]
Take responsibility [time budget, finance budget]
Slide Tackle [w/o causing injury]
Disagree on principle
Admit you are wrong