Wednesday, June 3, 2009

God's Presence; God's Purity

A sense of holy fear fell on those who were inside the body and also outside the body. It wasn't very long that all of Jerusalem was abuzz with this news: did you hear about the 2 people that dropped dead at the first church in Jerusalem. Those who were inside the church became very poignantly aware of the presence, the power, the purity, the holiness of God and fear came upon them. Who is this God with Whom we have to do? Who is this God Who searches our hearts in a way that He can penetrate into the heart and even strike us dead? Then those on the outside were saying: Wow - did you hear about that? That is not a group of people to be messed with! How strange that what we want to be known for today is not the place where the awesome power of God is but where we get free donuts?! There was a reputation that the church had in the community and it wasn't the place where there was fun and games. It wasn't the place with the slickest multi-media presentation; it wasn't the place with the greatest rock-n-roll music; it was a place where God dwelt with power and holiness and the fear of the Lord was present.

-Brian Borgman, in a sermon about Ananias and Saphira

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...even so, let that holy fear come!