Saturday, February 6, 2010

Worship and Evangelism: Some much-needed Clarity

Our worship services should make unbelievers [the unchurched, the unbaptized] welcome.  We should not make them comfortable ... welcome but not comfortable.  They shouldn't be able to sit through a service and say, 'This doesn't touch me; I don't mind this.'  They ought to hear the reality of sin; they ought to hear the warnings, but they ought to say, 'If these strong warnings are preached to God's people, how much more me?  Because I'm not one of them!'  And they ought to long for that assurance and the blessings that are given to the people of God.  And they are being taught, as they watch us worship, about God calling us, cleansing us as we confess our sin, and equipping us to live in the world.  They are being taught the gospel through our liturgy.

- John Barach, The Covenant and Evangelism, Auburn Avenue Conference

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