Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The 3 Essential Questions

Last weekend, as a birthday present, my dear wife and parents sponsored my going to a local seminar put on by The Institute on the Constitution.  It was taught by Pastor David Whitney [pictured above as the one in the middle kneeling].  I learned a lot.  One of the more memorable quotes was the list below of the 3 essential questions to ask anyone running for office in your community or state. 

1.  Have you read constitution of our nation and state?
2.  What is the purpose of gov’t?  Really, give us the definitive statement to which we can hold you accountable if you do end up in office.
3.  Where is your list?  ... Your impeachment list?  Because so few of our officials on a state or national level have been faithful to their oaths of office to uphold and abide by the constitution and it is time for a reckoning.  Once you take that oath, part of keeping it will mean calling other violators to account.  That is impeachment.  Where do you plan to start?  Where is your list?
[photo: life.com]

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