Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tolle Lege, and I mean pronto!

Recently I fininshed Ken Myers's All God's Children and Blue Suede Shoes: Christians and Popular Culture.  I have read several snippets of it before and followed along w/ Myers's audio journal for many years, but had been putting off sitting down w/ the book and getting from cover to cover until now.  After going back and forth between the hard copy and audiobook I really can't recommend it highly enough [though the narrator of the audio did leave something to be desired].  For most of us who are involved in Christian service, ministry, or church leadership - it might be the most important book you have read in the last five years [well ... excluding those for whom this would be the only book {without pictures} they've read in the last five years.].  It is a sort of modern classic.  If you haven't read it - tolle lege - and I mean, pronto.

"T.S. Eliot argued that religion and culture are in a sense two aspects of the same thing.  This means that culture cannot be preserved or developed without religion, an argument that many Christians have been presenting to 20th-century secularists.  But Eliot insisted that it also means that religion cannot be preserved or maintained without the preservation and maintenance of culture."

- Ken Myers

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