Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Modesty for Dummies [and their teenage daughters]

Recently, the issue of modesty surfaced in a discussion of congregational life, [as it will from time to time] but with a twist.  The unwitting offenders were young ladies from very solid Christian families – many only being young teens whose fathers are otherwise engaged, devout, and fastidious.  The problem seems to be that these fathers – looking through paternal eyes – simply cannot see the obvious: that their daughters are becoming ladies now in need of a particular level of coverage.  Fathers are notorious for this: “…not my little girl. You must be thinking of someone else’s daughter.” 
For such men I have a helpful suggestion [and timely].  Since Christmas is right around the corner, sit down next to your daughter tonight and – after reminding her of this fact – ask her to list for you her top 3 favorite clothing stores [to which she would just love a gift card].  Once she has done this, without missing a beat, hop on the internet and [with her at your side] just dare to open and view the home page of each store, one at a time.  The images that will flash before your glazed eyes will probably be enough to raise your pulse and redden your cheeks, especially with your “not my little girl” sitting beside.  If this isn’t enough, the next time you’re at the mall, take a minute to walk into these stores.  Look around at the posters on the wall; take a gander at the photos they actually print on said gift cards; check out the bags they chirpily hand each shopper to carry around the mall like a walking mini-billboard, slash, status symbol, slash, black & white peep show snapshot.  Sir, if you have a hard time seeing your young daughter for what she now is -  a sexual being, please be aware that Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, and all the other companies manufacturing her wardrobe don’t.   

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