Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ordination Charge

Charge at the Ordination of CJ Bowen to Preach
by Glen Knecht

Build your ministry on these 2 things:

1. Humility
Whitefield said on his death bed that he wanted to attempt to preach one last time.  Who is sufficient for these things?
2. Tears
Tears are the lubircation of your preaching.  They show you care for the hurting, sinful, tempted, sporadic attenders, those struggling with doubts.  They show you are a shepherd of the whole flock, not just a part.

Banish these 2 things:

1. Pride
2. Professionalism

Pray every day to be delivered from these.  You will overcome them.


Tea Lady said...

Hey, Ben! My daughter wants to know if this is the same CJ Bowen who graduated from NSA in 2010. He was one of Heather's classmates. Congratulations!

Benjamin said...

None other! In fact, [sorry for the delay] the memory article you recommended in an earlier comment was something he had just passed on to me, because Andrew Davis [the author] was his former pastor.
CJ was a rare find for us and has been a gift to the church here. Cheers!