Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Circumcised Ears [and earbuds]

God tells us [through the inspired endorsement of the synecdochal LXX quote in Heb 10.5-7] that if we want to think about our bodies being prepared for service to God, the one part of our body God uses to describe that willing servant-like body  to be used for the purposes of King Jesus, - the one thing is hearing ears, ears that have been circumcised ears, ears that have been 'dug open' [Ps 40.6] and hear the will of the Father...
God says that to do the will of the Father, it requires your body.  And particularly, it requires your ears: the ability to listen... because hearing is a way of submitting to things.  We've got a whole new world now where sounds are no longer a reminder of our need to submit to the created order in a way that our sight is.  Now through earbuds, we can control the world of our hearing.  That is momentous in the history of the world.  It can be a powerful device for good, but it can be a horrific, powerful device for evil as well, because hearing reminds us of our submission to what is around us.  Seeing is not that way - we gaze, we apprehend, we rule.  So ... be careful with your ipod!  That's what I'm saying!

- Dennis Tuuri, Sermon 'Listen' on Psalm 40

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