Thursday, November 29, 2012

Church the way it oughta be...

"Thank you for building a church that looks ... like a church."

- The most frequent comment from community members after the new construction of the new sanctuary of

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church .

Other notes from my conversation w/ Pastor Booth:

make frequent deposits
they have to know you love them
they will allow you to make the necessary withdrawals and even put up with your deficits

Make sure you know the names of every kid in the church
meet every kid after church with candy and conversation

God made us political - a church is a political body - a pastor has to realize that everything he does has a political dimension and people will perceive him politically - how does his congregation perecive him?

blog - best way to stay in contact with people and let them know you are hard at work in the study - email notifications to your members and facebook updates ...

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