Friday, April 12, 2013

Work, Sleep, and Meetings

When I arrived here a year ago as a new young pastor, Jim Jordan was gracious enough to take me out on a few occasions and let me pick his brain over Asian cuisine.  One of the things he told me stands out.  He said that Greg Bahnsen used to tell him to think of studying like underwater diving.  You had to set it up, prep, and then plunge in and reserve a large block of time for being underwater.  Then, you come up.  Take a break.  Get a bit of air.  Refresh.  And then start it all over again.  This is exactly what Jason Fried's research has found by paralleling work and sleep cycles.  For a pastor or anyone whose vocation involves creative work, this is a GOLDEN NUGGET!  Enjoy!

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Brad Parker said...

This is absolutely true. You've gotta get your own time or you never can get things done.