Thursday, February 13, 2014

Emergency Valentine's Day Love Letter Template

My updated list of things I love and appreciate about my bride, _____________:

Your dogged determination and faithfulness to  _____________.
Your true and far-reaching commitment to my  _____________.
Your passionate devotion to  _____________.  You really care about  _____________.
How you  _____________when I’m stressed or grumpy.
For all the thousand hours of personal time you’ve given with gladness to  _____________ .  
How you model  _____________.
How you sacrificially give of yourself for  _____________.
How you speak with  _____________.
Your willingness to give up  _____________.
All the years you  _____________.  
Your cute love of  _____________.
Your heart for helping others by_____________.
Your zeal for_____________ with excellence.
The way you have shown/taught me _____________.
Your selfless bravery in _____________.
Your lifelong love of _____________.
Your unwavering commitment to _____________.
Your resolution to _____________.
How much courage it took to _____________.
Your patience/dedication to me through _____________.
How carefully you always _____________.
How you always take the time to _____________.
How much you've helped our family over the years by _____________.
How you use your God-given gift to _____________.
Your willingness to _____________ when I asked you to, even though you didn't want to.
The consistent way you sacrifice so we can _____________.
Your desire to _____________.
The glorious way you _____________.
The honest and brave ways you _____________.
Your almost expert eye at/for _____________.
The way you honor _____________.
The strength you displayed by _____________.
The way you patiently _____________.
The way you have learned to _____________over the years.
Your vision for/to _____________.


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