Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Japanese Bach Collegium? But Why?

"The God in whose service Bach labored and the God I worship today are one and the same. In the sight of the God of Abraham, I believe that the two hundred years separating the time of Bach from my own day can be of little account. This conviction has brought the great composer very much closer to me. We are fellows in faith, and equally foreign in our parentage to the people of Israel, God’s people of Biblical times. Who can be said to approach more nearly the spirit of Bach: a European who does not attend church and carries his Christian cultural heritage mostly on the subconscious level, or an Asian who is active in his faith although the influence of Christianity on his national culture is small?”

- Masaaki Suzuki, 

on the strangeness of his life's labors to establish a Japanese Bach Collegium 

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