Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Epiphany Prayer

Gracious Father,
Your Son is the desire of every nation. To Those who hunger for love, He is the Bridegroom rising like the morning sun;
To those who yearn for economic prosperity, He is the Creator who turns water to an overflow of finest wine;
To those in search of justice and righteousness, He is the King who brings the incomplete cleansing of the Law to its glorious fulfillment in grace;
To those who long for sacred purpose and devotion, He is the God Who calls many and when they have sacrificed all to come, He provides for them lavishly especially in the times when it appears that they have given up so much just to arrive at a dead 
For those who long for social equity, He is the Lord Who blesses rulers and masters by drawing their servants closest to Himself, so that they are the only ones given to 
see His miracle as it is performed.
O Christ, You are the joy of man’s desiring; the One for Whom our hearts always 
Even our sinful desires are just twisted impressions of the God-shaped void within us. And our hearts are always restless until they find their rest in You.
So shine the light of Your face upon us and bless us to draw us under the shadow of Your wing.
Set our feet to walk on Your path in Your steps, Lord Jesus, and fill us in our emptiness with your Holy Spirit. 

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