Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not Your Father's Church Methodology ... or is it?

When we talk about adapting the Gospel and Christian message to fit generational niches and habits, that is what Willow Creek inaugurated.  The evangelical church has become significantly 'Willow-Creek-ized'.  It is true that the emergent church is a reaction to that in large measure, but not a total reaction.  Some of those marketing habits have continued, it’s just that instead of marketing to the boomers [which is what Willow Creek got stuck on] Gen-Xer’s are the target niche and generation for the emergent crowd.  But the emergent crowd is also reacting against the emptiness and shallowness and triviality of much of what has resulted from the marketing of the gospel. So there is both continuity and discontinuity.  

– David F Wells
[Photo by Webb Chappelle for the Boston Globe]

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