Friday, January 22, 2010

Sola Theologica?

Had our God wanted us to be systematicians first and Christians second, He would’ve given us the Bible in the form of systematic theology and told us to memorize it.  As it is, we reconstruct the material and make it systematic. Now – I’m not anti-systematic – no – I’m very much systematic, I depend on it in my argumentation and presuppose it in several critical occasions.  But I do not mistake systematics for the inspired narrative and Word of God and exposition and application of that Word.  So we must keep the distinctions in mind that lead to sanity and not insanity.  … at times when we’re opposed by unbelievers and they come up with systems, we are justified in returning a system that demolishes theirs.  But we should not then forget the narrative!  We always return to the narrative! …

-Steve Schlissel, role playing as the Apostle Paul  

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