Friday, May 28, 2010

Government Healthcare Questionaire

Though an ardent "conservative", I am no revolutionary.  I'm for societal overhaul, not societal overthrow.  I do believe that government healthcare [along w/ most other 'welfare programs'] should be abolished, but not overnight.  Our road down has been a long one and our road back should be gradual as well.  But if we are to recover, it will be by simple, modest steps - taking responsibility for ourselves in basic ways, little by little.  Here is a humble proposal, of one such step.  Have everyone applying for government healthcare assistance answer these 20 questions every month. 

1.How many hours did you work last month?

2.Do you have a monthly budget?

3.Last month how much did you spend on:

... the cable bill?

4. Movie theater tickets?

5. Cell phone minutes, text messages included?

6. Tobacco products?

7. Alcohol?

8. Tatoos?

9-11. New clothing, shoes, and/or jewelry?

12. Lottery Tickets?

13. Auto Loan payments?

14. Did you buy any new electronics or make any payments on consumer electronics last month?

15. How many times in the last month did you eat restaurant/fast food?

16. If a part-time evening/weekend job could be found for you to allow you to pay back the cost of this medical care over the next few years, would you be willing to take it?
17. Are you willing to work over the next ten years to pay this money back?

18. If you do not receive this medical care, will the likely outcome be problematic on a cosmetic level, convenience level, performance level, basic-living level, or life-threatening?

19. Are you part of a family, church, community, or charitable association that might be able to gift or loan you this money?  Have you contacted them?

20. What are you doing now [in terms of training and providing] so that your children will be able to provide for the costs of their own health care when they become adults?

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