Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prayer of Petition - 4th Sunday of Eastertide

Our Father in Heaven, we bring our petitions to You now, knowing that You hear the prayers of Your people and delight to show Yourself mighty in reply.

We lift up our local and national authorities to You, that they might serve You in righteousness, kissing the Son and acknowledge Him as Lord.  

We remember our congregation's servicemen. ... We thank You for them and pray that You would uphold and protect them to be faithful to their duties both to God and man.  

We ask that You might bring our nation's conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq to a swift and successful end and that our troops might serve and even fight with honor and justice.  

In many ways, these things are in short supply among us, so we plead, Oh Lord, for Your mercy upon our nation, that You would grant us repentance, so that we might see the day when our leaders would say with all sincerity: 'Oh how we love Your law; it is our meditation day and night.'

Of course, we would not expect this from our government when it is not found in our churches, and so we cry out to You to send reformation, revival, and unity in this congregation, our denomination, and Your Church catholic.

We pray for our brothers and sisters within that Church who are persecuted overseas, particularly the Christians in Northern NIGERIA where a Pastor and his Wife were killed just last month — We pray for the Ishaku family, their church, and the Christians of that region.  We ask You to grant them increased resolve to love their enemies in sharing the gospel and seeking peace rather than vengeance which belongs to You alone.  

We also pray for the persecuted Church in Madhya Pradesh, India who were also attacked last month.  We ask You to comfort the mourning, heal the wounded survivors of the attack, and pour out your grace on those who live there in these circumstances every day.  

We ask Your blessing for each parent – that we might faithfully educate our children as you have commanded. God, give us their hearts, and cause them to rise up in faith and righteousness.  Uphold and enable each student, teacher, and administrator as the close of the academic year approaches that all might be done to the glory of Your name and the benefit of Your kingdom.

We’ve gathered to seek that kingdom on this, the first day of the week, that it might be made our first pursuit in every other way as well.  We look to You, Gracious Father, for all the other things: our food, shelter, and material comforts.  Please bless those among us who are struggling with regard to money.  Provide both the opportunities and abilities, and grant that we might, by Your Spirit, trust You for every physical need exemplifying contentment with all we’ve received from Your Hand. 

We remember our beloved Pastor and his wife as they travel.  Would you bless, refresh, and protect them as they travel.

Lastly, we look to You for the repentance and restoration of [our wayward ones] and the comfort and preservation of [their families].

Our Father, You are able to do exceedingly more than we ask or think.  So we bring our requests in the strong name of Jesus Christ.


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