Wednesday, June 23, 2010

College and Maturity

The college system is not designed to mature people... If you’re waiting for your son to reach the college years to start working toward maturity, you’ve waited too long. We’ve got to start working toward maturity long before then … I got married my sophomore year at college, had a daughter when I was a junior, and, of course, having to work, raise a family, and do all of those things, my grades actually went up [though people were afraid of the opposite] just because of the level of maturity with which I approached that time of my life.

We have young men now who will go off to college, they don’t have to get a job, and we tell them not to get married until after that period of their life is over … so the 2 main things that God uses to mature a man are removed from them while they’re put in an environment where all the worst that the world has to offer is available to them 24 hours a day.

- Voddie Baucham

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