Sunday, June 13, 2010

Theology and the 3 Year Old

The following conversation took place during a family van ride the other day:
Gideon [3]: “Daddy, is Jesus big?”  
Me: “Yes, Gid – Jesus is very big.”  
Gid: “Then how did they kill Him?”  
Me:  “sigh … The answer is very long, will you listen to me if I tell you?”  
Gid: “No … [pause] … actually yes.”  
Me:  “Well before Jesus died, He had a normal body just like you and me.  He was as big as a normal man.  That’s how they killed Him.  But He didn’t stay dead, did He? They put Him in the tomb for 3 days, and then what happened to Him?”  
Gid: “He rose back to life.”  
Me: “Yes!  And when God raised Him back to life …” 
Gid: “God?... Jesus is God!”  
Me: “Yes, He certainly is, but I meant God the Father … when God the Father raised Him back to life, He gave Him a new body – a wonderful, glorified body.  And that new body is really big.”  
Gid: … [after a minute of contemplating, I see in the rear view mirror what looks like Gideon holding up both arms and making the sign-language shape for ‘I love you’ with his fingers.  He then said:]... “When Spiderman does this, webs shoot out of his hands!”  
…   end of theology lesson.

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