Friday, September 10, 2010

Chaplaincy to the American Way of Life

Rather than addressing the culture’s disorders, some of the strategists said, ‘Let’s conform to the cultural disorder’.  Let’s present a way of church membership that doesn’t require any kind of commitment.  Let’s present church as a spectator event.  The most successful are the least Christian.  As long as the Church become the chaplaincy to the American way of life, and as long as the American way of life becomes more and more confused, [gay marriage, polygamy, whatever], then the churches that provide this chaplaincy are going to become less and less Christian.  In a culture that’s becoming more and more post-Christian, every faithful church is going to look more and more Amish.   Not deliberately … not because we want to look Amish, but because our neighbors are going to think, ‘You guys are weird! … Monogamous, what is that!? Heterosexual, where did that come from?!’

- Ken Myers

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