Wednesday, September 8, 2010

David Chilton Quotes ...

About a week ago, there was a woman [not from our church] asking me about how we raise our children because she saw that the children in our church are different than the ones that she knows of. And there were a bunch of kids playing volleyball and I said, watch this, I’ll show ya’. So I picked one at random and yelled out ‘Angie, what’s the most important lesson you can learn in life?’ and she said ‘Patience!’ There was another little girl about ten or eleven years old and I said, ‘Lauren, what’s the most important lesson in life?’ and she said, ‘to wait!’ We’ve been teaching that to these kids, drilling it into them so that it’s a reflex response. Spontaneously they know that the most important lesson they can learn personally in their lives is to wait… to have patience. This has great value when we contemplate our children being old enough to drive and climb into a back seat. What’s the most important lesson in life? Wait! There are things worth waiting for. But if I’m geared in terms of instant gratification then I’m going to make certain choices.

-Dave Chilton, author of Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators

"Really, modern political debates are simply quarrels in the nursery among Rousseau’s children, whether they’re conservative, liberal, radical, whatever."

"We will never get anywhere in reducing the tax burden with simply a tax-resistence movement. What we need is a benefits rebellion. When people say, ‘No … I’m not just voting away other people’s benefits but I will not take the benefits! I refuse the benefit!’ When you have a mass of people with the character enough to say ‘I refuse the benefit’, that’s when you won’t have the need for taxes. The taxes will fall when there’s a benefits rebellion."

"Equality before the law means inequality of income – that’s inescapable. If you try to have equality economically, that will necessarily mean a radical political inequality. You’re going to have one or the other."

-Dave Chilton

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