Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Resolutions

They say it's not really a resolution until you've written it down, so here goes:

1. No library late fees all year.
2. One date activity with my wife per week.
3. Help w/ at least one load of laundry per week.
4. Memorize the book of Romans.
5. Memorize all of the words/definitions in Zondervan's New Testament Greek Vocab Guide
6. Finish digitizing old sermon tapes of my former professor and mentor, Colin Smith.
7. Read at least 2 books in each of the following areas:
        A. Heaven/Eschatology/Culture
        B. St Paul
        C. Leadership/Administration

1 comment:

Tea Lady said...

Hey there, Ben! Greetings from Niceville/Bluewater Bay! I see that one of your goals is to memorize the book of Romans in this coming year. Have you seen Timmy Brister's Partner to Remember moleskin for Ephesians and Philippians? If you haven't, you'll want to peek at his blog to see one approach for making Scripture memory manageable. I've found the plan helpful, including this essay on Scripture memory linked from Brister's blog: "An Approach to Extended Memory of Scripture"
Grace to you and yours,