Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greater Youth Ministry Hath No Man Than This ...

"Love provides answers to the demand for trendy relevance.
Some people say, 'If you really want to relate to the young people today, if you really want to keep the kids and reach the young people today, then you've got to ...' and then what follows the 'got to' almost never is 'really love them and lay down your life for them'.  No.  We want to mix it up and make it a little more trendy, contemporary.
Someone might say 'What is more terrible, what's more awful than a church full of dead people and organ music?  organ music and dead saints?'
I grant you that's pretty bad, but there are some things worse than that - a church full of dead, frozen chosen saints where the bass player's terrible and the drummer's worse.  That's really bad too!  In other words, where love's gone missing, that's the problem.  And you're not going to clean the carpet by rearranging the furniture."

- Doug Wilson, State of the Church Sermon 2012

"Back to Galatians 6.1: When you're motivated to rebuke someone, you're rarely qualified; and when you're qualified, you're rarely motivated."

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