Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Context of Abortion ...

"Abortion is a religious issue not just because traditional religions happen to oppose it but because abortion is necessarily about sex... A woman (or more usually, the man!) wants abortion only because she wants to have sex without babies.
So in order to fully persuade the people in our society that abortion is not an option, that babies are holy and not to be treated as toys to be thrown away at will, we must achieve a much harder task: we must persuade them that sex is holy and not to be treated as a toy. For sex is the context of abortion. Abortion is different from other issues because sex is different from other issues."

- Peter Kreeft

How do we go about it?

1. Be realistic. Don't expect the victims of the sexual revolution to be objective and rational. You are challenging their god. You are waging spiritual warfare. You are condemning their ecstasy.

2. Always put the negatives (no to sins) in the context of the positives (yes to sinners).

3. Make clear (first of all to yourself) the reason sex is holy: like conversion and the Eucharist, it brings God himself to earth. Conception is a divine act, a miracle.

4. Recognize and affirm the presence of genuine human love even in sinful relationships.

5. Use your imagination. Remember, 'there but for the grace of God go I'.

6. Make heroic sacrifices for the spiritually poor, the enslaved. Be a humble and anonymous hero of purity and chastity. Sacrifice your 'freedom of thought' first of all. 'Take every thought captive to obey Christ' (2 Cor 10.5). In other words, 'don't even think about it', or about yourself. Do it simply for the love of God and God's lost children.
When a body is threatened by a disease, it produces antibodies. The body of Christ too produces these antibodies: saints. If the body is threatened with the disease of greed, the body produces heroes of poverty, like St Francis. If threatened with the disease of indifference to human life, the body produces missionaries of charity, like Mother Teresa. The newest and most critical diseases today seem to be sexual, and there is a desperate need for volunteers to fight in all these areas of the battlefield.

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