Friday, October 21, 2011

What about Galileo?

I once got a chance to meet and ask Ken Ham about the story of Galileo, science, and the Church.  His response really set me back on my heels.  He said that when Church officials refused to hear Galileo’s case – they were really only doing so because Church doctrine had been established by both Biblical language AND THE ‘SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS’ of the day. The scientists of his day were originally opposed to Galileo along w/ the clergy. It’s actually most analogous to mainstream/liberal ministers shunning intelligent design or young-earth scientists today.
Ham’s point was that when the Church starts to formulate her doctrine on the basis of scientific corroboration [Darwin … the ‘theistic version’], she must be prepared for the shame of future revisions when tomorrow’s new discovery disproves today’s ‘scientific consensus’.

It’s always stuck w/ me. The BioLogos guys love to use the Galileo scenario as ammo, but in actuality, it stands as a rebuttal to their own position.


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